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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wimpole Hall

Well home today. I had an earlyish start and headed home stopping at Wimpole for a  stroll. The gardens were looking glorious!

I saw a Painted Lady but annoyingly it wouldn't pose!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Burghley House, Great Casterton House, Woolsthorpe Manor

Oh well the break is almost over. Annoyingly I have STILL not shown you the lovely town of Stamford (I should have gone there Wednesday morning but I forgot!!).

I hadn't intended to go to Burghley but the idiot (me!) hadn't notice Easton Garden was closed today. Yes I could have gone into Stamford but I thought it may be a tadge busy on a Saturday. I'll have to come back..... the food at the pub is superb so any excuse :)

Now I admit I'm not a fan of Burghley it's a bit too commercialised for my tastes and the gardens lack charm BUT no one can deny that the interior of the house is AMAZING and they now let you take photos inside!

Burghley is also home to a major 3 day event

Wonder why it's called the Lion Bridge

Like an idiot I took my photos too early when the sun was in the wrong place :(

Burghly was built for William Cecil who was Lord Treasurer to Elizabeth I. Cecil begat two great dynasties the Marquesses of Exeter at Burghley and of Salisbury at Hatfield House. The Marquess of Exeter no longer lives at Burghley the 6th Earl died without a male heir so the title went to his cousin in Canada. The house has gone down the female line (hope I got that right).

Interestingly Cecil owned another great house, Theobald's near Cheshunt in Hertfordshire. One of the guides today described it as grander than Burghley. It was demolished during the Commonwealth.

The hell staircase by Verrio

lunch....... the scone was meh

Into the Sculpture Park

A lone Duck!

It was my mistake I should have gone in the garden of delights earlier as it was full of children when I arrived hence only a few photos.

So why did I go to the church of St Peter and St Paul Great Casterton Rutland? Well it's not in the book BUT the anomaly is that on the Lincolnshire map it is marked. That has always made me think of it as an honorary member.

Woolsthorpe Manor was on my way home so....

Woolsthorpe is where Isaac Newton was born. The house was a yeoman's cottage. The terms genius and great are over used by Newton was both! It is interesting to see what humble origins he came from.

The Apple Tree!!

Spot takes his customer care more seriously than Jock at Chartwell!

There is a discovery centre where you can get hands on with the principals Newton Investigated. Woolsthorpe is not grand but is the type of thing the NT do well.