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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day 6 - Pisa

I mucked the last day up a bit I lazed about then found I arrived at the bus station and had a 55 minute wait so I never had as long in Pisa as I had planned.

Still it is all very walkable once you get into town.

I have been to Pisa quite a lot I suspect like a lot of tourists I always do it on the way home. And in all my visits including March it has always been blue skies!

Pisa sort of gets a bad rap. Yes it is a bit rough a round the edges compared to some cities but it certainly has its moments, it isn't a city I'd choose to stay in (if you are looking for an alternative to Florence to visit choose Lucca) but it is well worth exploring.

I just used the phone today.

The river.... you may notice a religious building on the right

This is the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina. And annoyingly it was open and closed about 15 minutes before I got there.

The view from the plane as we flew over.

Day 5 - Certaldo

Certaldo is a small town about 35 km south west of Florence. It is split in two. The bottom part Certaldo Basso is of little interest to the tourist but Certaldo Alto (the medieval bit) is and it is reached by a funicular as it is a top a hill.

Church of SS. Jacopo and Filippo

The Palazzo Pretorio

The lads had a coffee their size!

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