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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Henry Moore @ Perry Green

I went to the Henry Moore foundation at Perry Green for a stroll.

Can you see Cuthbert....


Now at this point a member of staff came walking very quickly and sort of implied we had been climbing on the sculptures (which plainly I'd never do!) and set the tumblers off. I took Diego out of the bag and explained that I had been PLACING Diego (I've done it a few times before over the years). She mentioned tumblers again and the sculptures could be touched but..... so Diego and Cuthbert (a 5.5cm bear made out of WOOL) might damage them but a human can touch them.. There were children about who were more forceful than Diego (and they weren't out of hand I might add!). Bizarre! I asked Trish to check that the account is correct. You might guess this left a bad taste in my mouth.


Variable Damselfly.

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